Your Account Features

Your Account Overview and Features

Whenever you log in to your SAF Account you will be taken to your account overview page. This page will show you the following information:

  • Current Billing Address
  • Last Payment
  • Sponsorships
  • Tax Receipts 
  • Payment Methods 
  • Recurring Payments

You will also have access to a menu that provides links to the following:

From this page, you can update your current address and change your password.

My Donations and Orders 
This page will list all of your donations and orders. They will be arranged by date and you can see your receipts for each order.

My Tax Receipts
This is where you'll find your annual tax receipts organized by year.

My Sponsorships
A list of your current sponsorships.

Gift Giving
From here, you can select from pre-approved gifts to send to your sponsored children and communities in need.

Child Visits 
Here is where you'll find the forms you need to complete and send to us if you wish to travel and visit your sponsored child. You can also find our guidelines for visits and some tips of what to talk about when you meet the child for the first time.

My Recurring Payments
This page will list all of your current monthly payments

My Payment Methods
From here, you can view your payment method and update it as and when you need to.

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