Making a Donation

Finding a Cause

The first step to sending us a generous donation is to select how you would like that donation to be used. Throughout the year, we run a small number of projects that would greatly benefit from your support. These projects range from community development in Sikligar Sikh villages, to school development projects and funding for Gurmat education programs.

Alternatively, you can make a general donation towards the charity as a whole. When this happens, we take your donation and put it towards the overall running of the charity. However you choose to support us, we greatly appreciate your donations.

Making a General Donation Payment

To process a one-time general donation, click on the project you would like to support and select "donate now".  Once done, you will see various $ amounts to select from as well as the option to enter a different amount.

Once you have selected the amount you would like to donate, simply input your payment details and your billing address. 

Currently, we only accept one-time donations for our individual campaigns. If you would like to make a monthly general donation, please visit our general donation home page and select "monthly" from the options provided.

Upon successfully processing a payment, you will receive an email confirmation. If you were unable to process a payment, please email

If you would prefer to donate via check, please make them payable to Sikhi Awareness Foundation and send it to the address below:

8381 128 Street, Unit 201
Surrey, BC, V3W4G1, Canada

If you would like to make a PayPal Donation, you can do so by clicking Here.

E-Transfers can be sent to

Lastly, if you would like to donate from within India (Rupees only), please use the details provided below:

SAFIndia Charitable Trust
Account: 088005000857 | IFSC Code: ICIC0000462
ICICI Bank Ltd|G-462, BRS NagarFerozepur Rd., Ludhiana, PB, India

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