Sending Gift & Letters

Sending Gifts

As a sponsor, you can send your sponsored child a birthday gift each year. Outside of this, we also have a gift catalog that allows anybody to send a gift to a community in need.  This allows us to channel the generosity of our donors into meaningful gifts that can uplift a community in need.

Sending and Receiving Letters

As a child sponsor, you can send up to 3 letters to your sponsored child(ren) a year. To do this, you will need to mail your letter to our India office. The address is listed below:

Plot no.1&2, Avtar Nagar,
Threekay road, Near BS Model School,
Ludhiana, Panjab 142021

Once our team receives your letter, it will be sent to our office in India. Our team in India will read the letter to make sure that it adheres to the following guidelines.

  • No personal contact details 
  • No request for sensitive information 
  • No inappropriate language
  • No discussion of sensitive topics
Things to Consider Before Writing Your Letter

In the best interest of the child's wellbeing and their family's privacy, we screen all letters from sponsors to ensure that the content is appropriate. With that in mind, we ask all sponsors to keep their conversations casual and to avoid asking the child any questions that may reveal sensitive information or make them feel uncomfortable.
If you're stuck on what to say in your letter, here are a few ideas:

  1. Explain where you are from and what you do for a living.
  2. Talk about your family. If you have kids, let your sponsored child know.
  3. Ask about your sponsored child's schooling and what class they enjoy the most.
  4. Motivate them by letting them know you believe in them.

If you wish to read more information about our Letter Exchange program, you can also log in to your account at the SAF International website. Upon login, you will see a tab on the left-hand side labeled, "Letter Exchange."

If your letter is accepted by the India team, a member of staff will translate it into the child's first language and then deliver it to them. If and when the child responds, their letter will be sent to you directly from our India office.

Please note: Scheduling deliveries and translating documents can take several weeks.

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